SAP Consultant – Københavns Kommune


Team lead, SAP BI/IP/BPC system architect and project manager for implementing SAP BPC 11 embedded on SAP Hana.

SAP Consultant –Naviair (Denmark)



Optimization of existing SAP IP solution, mainly process optimization through frontend improvements and various automation of processes.

Operational SAP BW support during peak periods.

SAP Consultant – Nets (Denmark/Norway)



A BPC 7.5 performance review of an existing solution was conducted, resulting in 3 specific improvements that improved BPC performance considerably.

A detailed BPC 10 upgrade analysis and management summary was done.

Lead technical BPC resource and tester when BPC 7.5 was upgraded to BPC 10.0.  Full migration for several environments throughout multiple systems (sandbox, development, quality)

Besides BPC administration, support and development, I also helped the customer within the following areas:

SAP BW: CRM and HR reporting in BW. Both development and frontend solutions.


SAP BO: Dashboards


SAP Consultant – Carlsberg (Denmark)



During the transition phase, where Carlsberg rolled out a unified global SAP BW 7.3 template, I helped with support/development on the existing country specific SAP BW solution. I also supported the new unified SAP BW 7.4 platform.

This covered all from analysis, testing, development in both backend and frontend. Main focus was to ensure the existing business systems was running smoothly.

A detailed SAP BW performance review was done and the following implementation of the optimization recommendations was done for Carlsberg Poland. The optimization of Poland meant a considerable performance improvement and reduction in the daily operational risk in regards to load failures.

Support, recommendations and sparring for the existing SAP team.

SAP Consultant – PostNord (Denmark)



A SAP BW ETL solution, delivering financial and procurement invoice master and transaction data to SAP Ariba. From ECC to BW and then through OpenHub to Ariba.

My role was to implement, develop and test the BW solution delivering financial and invoice procurement data to SAP Ariba.

Furthermore, I conducted all the testing of the solution and also documented and organized the test results.


SAP Consultant – Lejerbo (Denmark)

2011 – 2014


The Lejerbo project was a full scale BPC 7.5 solution. It’s probably one of the most complex solutions in Denmark, in regards to data and functionality.

BPC had to be the primary financial and budgeting tool for 800 separately controlled legal entities – all with their own budget and financial year end report.

I was lead architect on the solution, both scoping, designing and eventually also developed the system.

I was also responsible for tests of the system functionality, both technical and process tests.

Throughout all of the project various test, from smaller to larger scale test was executed.


SAP Consultant – PostNord (Denmark)



My primary role at the SAP BPC 7.5 project at PostNord was to design and setup the authorization concept and scope and develop the complex scripts used for various calculations/allocations/markups and not least currency calculations.

I designed and implemented an authorization concept covering over 200 named users. The initial concept was implemented through multiple loads of flat files giving extreme flexibility and fast “turn around” and adaptation.

Furthermore, I functioned as golive support.

I was responsible for conducting the tests and documentation my part of the solution.


SAP Consultant – KMD (Denmark)


The SAP BPC 7.5 project at KMD was among one of the first BPC solutions on SAP NW in Denmark. It was a prototype/proof-of-concept project.

I was lead architect. I was responsible for the blueprint, the functional requirements and specifications.

After the blueprint I designed, developed and implemented the BPC solution.

It contained;

Model for planning revenue on material and customer level (contractual). High level assumptions resulting in detailed planning. 700.000 detailed records. Complex Scripting


Model for salary calculations. Salary/pension/holiday calculated pr. employee. 3500 employees. Complex Scripting

Model for planning primary cost on costcenter, Projects and internal orders (FI/CO)


Load integration SAP BW to SAP BPC.

*Master data (incl. hierarchies)

*Transactional data (costcenter, orders and projects)


Retraction from SAP BPC to SAP

Training of both super and end users.

Conducting test and documentation of the test results for the solution.

SAP Consultant – Carlsberg (Denmark)


SAP BW (7.0). Development, support & reporting.

Sap Business Content, SAP Open Hub, minor SAP CRM integration, ad hoc development and maintenance.

SAP Consultant – BaneDanmark (Denmark)


I worked on several projects (waves) on BaneDanmark. I had various roles, but main role was lead architect /developer on the SAP BW solution.

Throughout the different rollout of waves and solutions, I was also responsible for conducting and documenting the test of the solution, ensuring they meet business requirements and functional requirements.

SAP PM -> SAP BI. Blueprinting, architecture, development, support & reporting.

SAP PM. KPI Reporting. Business Content (SAP PM), extensive customization and expansion of standard extractors & data models. BEx Broadcaster. Simple ABAP. BEx Maps.

Blueprint, Functional/Technical specification and the final development and implementation of a Budgeting, KPI and Adhoc Reporting solution on SAP PM data in SAP BI.

SAP Consultant – Group 4 Securitas A/S


SAP BW (7.0). Development, optimizing & reporting.

Performance and optimization of SAP BW.

Business Intelligence Specialist – GN Store Nord A/S


Migrated financial data (Hyperion) into SAP SEM.

Consolidating historical data in SAP SEM.

One System software selection.
Part of project team scoping and analyzing various

software vendors (Hyperion, Cognos, SAS, SAP etc.).

In order to merge 3 existing consolidation systems

for GN into one financial consolidation system.


Consolidation Specialist.

System responsible for the group consolidation system

Hyperion Enterprise. Developed complex

Hyperion integrated planning and budgeting tools


Manager for Budgeting, Forecasting and reporting – Europe – JM Huber Denmark.


Hyperion Specialist.

Responsible for all reporting, budgeting and financial consolidation for 12 European entities and a revenue of approx. 2 billion DKK.

Designed and implemented Demand Solutions for Europe. A forecasting system on product and customer level.


Senior Controller – JM Huber Denmark.


Worked on various tools and projects for setting up the reports and data needed for analyzing a fast growing Supply Chain.

Worked as key controller and right hand for European CFO.


Coordinated all European budgeting and forecasting.


Optimized all reporting within a fast growing supply chain.